wasted youth

Holy fuck. I have spent all day on my Xbox. I guess this might be why I don’t have a job. Oh, wait, that’s because even the service sector doesn’t want degree-qualified employees, never mind an actually worthy company.

Anyway, you guys should look out for me. My gamertag is SpannerTampon4. Hit me up if you ever spot me.

Did you see it? Or did it go past you? Let’s re-run: my gamertag is SpannerTampon4. I think that is a damning condemnation of modern society right there.

What, you thought the 4 was just there for the fun of it? Like I had a choice? Let me tell you: that 4 is not an optional extra. I had to include it. Why?

Because at least three other people in this world wanted the gamertag SpannerTampon.

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