not quite nightswimming

I’ve been at the computer all day, so I went for a run this evening to clear my head. Unfortunately, the side effect of being at the computer all day is that you lose track of time. It was pretty dark by the time I’d got halfway.

I went down by the lake, which turned out to be a good choice. The moon was just coming up, and it’s been pretty still here all day, so the reflection on the water was stunning. There was a bit of mist gathering, but not too much.

Pleasant enough on the whole, then, although I did have one close call. There’s a sluice with a narrow little wooden plank bridge over it, which was a little damp. I may have nearly slipped into the water. I mean, it’s possible.

The good news is I didn’t: a particular relief as, after all, night swimming – even impromtu night swimming – deserves a quiet night. There were about a thousand students doing the same circuit.

One guy in particular sticks in my mind. He jetted past me, huffing and puffing, early on, then steamed back in the other direction about twenty minutes later. By this time he’d ditched the shirt. Seriously, it was a pretty cold night. There’s no need for that kind of behaviour.

Unfortunately the hot girl running in front of me wasn’t feeling the heat either.

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